The Steelhead Genetics Project (SGP) is a cooperative research project that seeks volunteer angler participation with sample collections. The SGP will provide critical information to advance rehabilitation efforts for Steelhead in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior.
 Anglers interested in participating in this project must be experienced steelhead anglers and qualify for a special scale collecting permit.  You can contact the MN DNR if you would like to learn more about the requirements or discuss participation. 

Project Objectives:

1. Evaluate hybridization between hatchery-raised Kamloops Rainbow Trout and naturalized (wild) Steelhead.

2. Examine the utility of genetics to identify adult Steelhead that were stocked as fry and determine their contributions to the adult catch in the North Shore spring fishery.

3. Determine strain composition, genetic variation and structure of wild Rainbow Trout among North Shore Rivers using genetic markers.

“We have documented introgression of hatchery kamloops in naturalized steelhead populations in western Lake Superior that contrasts with the lack of evidence for kamloops introgression 25 years earlier (Kreuger et al., 1994). Kamloops descendants were identified in age-0 and adult samples from throughout Minnesota’s shore and a nearby Wisconsin tributary. The finding of kamloops introgression into Minnesota steelhead population and potential impacts on other jurisdictions contributed to the decision to discontinue and replace the kamloops stocking program.”

Studies, Plans, & Articles

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The Steelhead illustrated here is so incredibly scientifically accurate, right down to the scale size, placement, and amount.  This illustration and hundreds more have been beautify created by Joseph Tomelleri.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Joe, his passion, and how to purchase your favorite image.