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Map 1 - Lower Rivers

Map 2- Middle Rivers, Gooseberry area

Map 3- Upper Rivers, Lutsen area

Map 2- Far north Rivers

MN Department of Natural Resources - Maps Steelheader's should have

Anglers are restricted to a single hook only - no treble hooks - on Lake Superior tributary streams and rivers up to the posted boundaries.  Exceptions are the St. Louis River (St. Louis and Carlton Counties) and the Pigeon River (Cook County). 

Lake Superior's North Shore has nearly 60 rivers and streams accessible for steelhead migration.  Most of these tributaries have short ,relitivley steep, fishable waters.  Approximately 20 of these rivers and streams can support a quality run of steelhead annually, but don't rule out the remaining 40 as fishable water.

The rivers nearest to Duluth have the most fluctuant water flow.  With no lakes in the headwaters, the water levels come to almost a trickle in low rain periods and, can flow with great fury in high snow melt or abundant rains.

The Rivers to the northeast have more of a stable flow during the fishing season. The lakes, swamps and marshes in the headwaters act as a natural source of water during times of drought.  They also help regulate the increased water volume during heavy summer rains.

The best way to find your "favorite hole" is to utilize the resources available and explore the rivers. To be a great Steelheader, one should plan on logging countless of hours exploring the waters, visiting with other anglers, and talking with a fly shop expert. There are 100's of great  "fishing holes" along Minnesota's North Shore waiting for your fly....what are you waiting for?

Below are links to river and Stream maps provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  You will also find these maps to be a great source of fishing information.  Adobe Reader is needed to open the files.  Click the link below for a free software download.  

Minnesota's North Shore Rivers and Streams

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