Backing to fly reel
Backing to fly line
Fly line to leader
Leader to tippet
Tippet to fly
Clinch knot
Duncan loop
Surgeon's knot
Blood knot
Nail (tube) knot - use this to tie 6-8" butt section.
Perfection loop - Option A: use to tie loop in above butt section
Surgeon's loop - Option B: use to tie loop in above butt section
Loop-to-loop - use to connect mono loop to leader
Nail knot
Albright knot
Nail (tube) knot
Arbor knot
Tippet to fly
Selecting the right knot can be the key to your success.  Here are some basic tips when tying your knots.
1. Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication.  before you pull your knots 
        tight lube them up with mother's cleaner - saliva.  This will help 
              decrease excessive heat from friction that may occur while  
                 tighten your knots.

3. Trim your knots neat and close.  This will prevent a great deal of headaches and will help improve your fly's presentation.

                  Knot diagrams, text, and illustration are used by permission
                  of the Orvis Company. You can visit the Orvis website to
purchase your own waterproof vest pocket knot book. All knot related
material is copyrighted by the Orvis Company, Inc.

courtesy of www.orvis.com

Fly line to monofilament loop
2. Make sure your knots are snug. Pull your knots tight to make sure they secure and seated properly.  Test them now before you loose that trophy.
4.  Tie often!  Knots will get nicked and weaken, retie often.
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