There are many effective fly patterns for North Shore Steelhead but, without a doubt, the most popular and arguably, the most effective, is the yarn fly.  Also called the egg fly or glo-bug, this fly is a must in all fly boxes. We recommend having a good variety of colors for this pattern and, we also highly recommend learning how to snell a yarn fly.  We will include some instructions on snelling yarn soon

Here you will find our bakers dozen. Most of the flies do not require precise tying materials or exact hook styles. The ingredients listed are what we have found to work for us.  The key to a great North Shore Steelhead Box is to have some variety in color and size and, have plenty of those flies on hand! If you are not loosing flies, chances are you are not finding fish. 

Feel free to send us your  favorite North Shore fly patterns and/or variations of existing patterns.  We will be glad to add to our fly box.

Try this fly in a variety of body colors.  Keep the tail red though.


Hook: Mustad C67S or TMC 105  size 4 - 10 (or comparable hook)

Thread: Kevlar, color to match

Material: Glo Bug yarn or McFly Foam

There are lots of colors to select from.  Make sure you at least have some orange, pink and chartreuse.

Iliamna Pinkie 

Hook: Mustad C67S or TMC 105  size 6-10 or comparable hook

Thread: Pink

Weight: .020 lead

Material: Pink Chenille - other colors work well too.

Wooly Worm

Hook: Mustad R72 or TMC 3761  size 6 - 12 or comparable hook

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Red hackle fibers

Body: Black Chenille

Hackle: Grizzle, palmered

Wooly Bugger

Hook: Mustad 9672 or TMC 5263  size 6 - 10 or comparable hook

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Brown Marabou

Body: Brown Chenille

Hackle: Brown, palmered

Weight: .025 lead

Note: This fly is also very effective tied in black, purple & olive

Egg Sucking Leech

Hook: Mustad 9672 or TMC 3761  size 6 - 10 or comparable hook

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Black Marabou

Body: Black Chenille with orange chenille egg

Hackle: Black or Grizzle, palmered


Thread: Black 6/0 

Body: Orange floss with silver rib

Hackle: Soft Partridge

Butt: Yellow floss

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Hook: Mustad Limerick or TMC 7999  size 8 - 10

Pheasant Tail

Prince Nymph

St. John

Krystal Spec

Superior X

Spring's Wiggler


Thread: Black 6/0 

Body: Variegated Lt.Olive/Rust chenille

Hackle: Black Palmered - tip first

Tail: Black Maribou

Hook: Mustad R70  size 6 - 10 with a bead head 

Thread: Black 6/0 

Body: Golden Stone Mohair

Hackle: soft partridge 

Tail: Red Squirrel tail

Hook: Mustad R70  size 6 - 10 - weighted 

The Fly Box:

Hook: size #8 - #12 nymph hook

Thread: brown 6/0 

Tail: brown marabou

Body: brown kaufmann stonefly blend dubbing

Rib: gold or copper wire (to abdomen) 

Abdomen: same as body w/brown rubber legs 1.25" tied to each side of abdomen.  

Note:   whip finish where you tied the legs instead of at the eye of hook.   

Hook: Mustad 9671  size 8 - 12 

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Brown goose biots

Body: Peacock herl

Rib: fine gold tinsel

Hackle: Brown

Wing: White biots tips facing back

Note: This fly is also very effective tied in black and purple.

Note: Try a beadhead version of the prince - killer pattern.

Hook: Mustad 9671  size 8 - 12 

Thread: brown 6/0 

Tail: Pheasant tail fibers

Body: Pheasant tail fibers wrapped like herl

Rib: fine copper wire

Wingcase: Pheasant tail fibers

Thorax: Peacock herl

Note: This fly is also very effective tied in black and purple.

Note: The Pheasant tail is also great as a beadhead.

Thread: Black 6/0 

Hook: Mustad R70  size 6 - 12 

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Orange Krystal Flash

Body: black chenille

Hackle: Grizzly Palmered - tip first

Shellback: Orange Krystal Flash

Early Black Stone

Hook: Mustad 9671  size 6 - 12 

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Black goose biots

Body: weighted - black dubbing

Rib: fine gold wire

Hackle: black

Wing: Dk Grey biots tips facing back

Try this fly in a variety of egg colors. 

Hook: Mustad 3906 size 6 - 10

Thread: Black 6/0 

Tail: Squirrel Tail hairs

Body: chenille

Shellback: Squirrel Tail hairs

Hackle: Saddle Hackle

Note: This fly is also very effective tied in black and purple.

Note: Try Wigglers with a variety of body & hackle colors. 

Spring's Wiggler

Snelled Yarn Fly

Video instructions on tying a yarn fly using a snell knot.

Video Clip

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