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Annual Meet & Greet
The Meet & Greet is an annual gathering of like-minded Minnesota steelhead anglers, hosted by Minnesota Steelheader (MS), a non-profit organization dedicated to informing, educating, and entertaining veterans and new-comers alike to our North Shore fishery.

This off the water gathering is a casual way to meet fellow anglers, exchange fishing stories, share tips, techniques & photos. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions and learn a few new tricks all the while relaxing in the warmth of a comfortable establishment.

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This event is open to women, men, 1st time steelhead anglers and seasoned veterans - we welcome all . There is no membership. needed. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow anglers, share tips, learn some new skills, ask questions, and improve our angling community camaraderie, wile getting to know the volunteer staff members behind Minnesota Steelheader. We hope to see you this spring!

Stay tuned to our website and social media  we typicall have our Meet & Greet event is the Spring somewhere in Duluth or up along the North Shore.  We also are planning a event in the Twin Cities.